About us

Hemp - future of world!


WE LIKE HEMP and thats it, so this  site is like a small tribute to it... 


Semigallia.com presents to You outstanding experience in clothing with carefully selected products and specially designed product lines.  

We are always looking constant ways for self development, so we are open for idea shares, critics, brainstorms and just an idea exchanges, therefore if you would like to say something to us don't hesitate to contact us. 

We work closely with various fulfillment partners around the globe, what means that we value time of our customers and will seek for the fastest way and options how to fulfill your order and get it to you.  Each  item is on demand, it takes a bit time prepare it for the shipping, so don`t be upset and angry that it takes some time to have tracking info or fulfilling info. Our fulfillment partners are located across the globe, therefore we can offer pretty fast delivery based on your location! Hemp sweet Hemp! 


Truly yours